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2016-2017 Season Tryouts Are Now Completed For 2017
Please contact us if still interested or if you would like information about future seasons!

For future reference, you will still need proof of registration with Puget Sound VB Region. Please make sure you have registered with the region prior to tryouts. Open the medical waiver, fill it out, leave the “club name” blank, but do print and carry all forms with you to tryouts.
To tryout you must do these things:
  1. Register with USA Volleyball (see links below)
  2. Complete the tryout form for RidgeValley (see form below)
  3. Complete the medical waiver/release (see form below)
  4. Pay $20 to register for RidgeValley tryouts.
Download the following forms that need to be filled out and brought with you to tryouts.
  1. Age Definitions
  2. Cardiac Arrest Form
  3. Cardiac Arrest Signature Form
  4. Concussion Form
  5. Junior Tryout Membership Information
  6. Puget Sound Region Medical Release Form
  7. Puget Sound Region Club-Player Contract
Returning members (use if you have played club volleyball before) 
New members (use if you have not played club volleyball before)
Make Sure You're Ready for Tryouts!
Follow these steps to make sure you are prepared when you walk into tryouts:
Step 1: Register with Region, $5 one-time fee.
Step 2: Print off your membership card, medical release, and concussion form from the region website when you register.
Step 3: Print off the Tryout forms from our website and bring all paperwork and $20 cash or check made out to RVVBC to the tryout.
Step 4: Ask Questions to make sure you find the right club for your daughter. 

Tuesday November 5 is the first day of tryouts for the younger age divisions in the Puget Sound Region.  We're looking forward to a great season and hope that you are too.  Here are some things that you need to be ready for your tryouts.  The U15 and over divisions start their tryouts on November 19, but it is not too early to get your tryout membership and paperwork together.
1.  Every Athlete Needs a Junior Tryout Registration Before Participating in a Tryout.  
Click Here for Illustrated Instructions Concerning the Junior Tryout Membership 
2.  Every Athlete Needs to Take a Copy of their Membership Card, USAV Medical Release Form and Lysedt Concussion Form to Each Tryout They Participate In.
Please Note that Current Membership Cards may not be printed until Nov. 5. 
Complete instructions on how to get these documents are available as part of the
 Junior Tryout Membership Instructions.   
3.  You Will Need To Register For Tryouts With the Clubs That You Intend to Tryout For. 
Click Here to Go To The Find A Club Page of that has tryout dates and website links for all of the clubs in your area.
 4.  Make Sure You Are Ready To Pick the Best Club for You This Season. 

Unsure of what age group? Please download the complete Age Definition sheet.


You can mail it to:

RidgeValley VBC
PO Box 1571
Snoqualmie, WA 98065
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